Matthew Schofield
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Body of work: Supernumeraries: repurposed

 Supernumeraries: repurposed   These small paintings have been conceived under the influence of film. By tightly cropping an existing photographic snapshot, unnoticed compositions are discovered. Newly created scenes emerge from the atmosphere in the photograph and become the focus extracted from the original image. In the process of cropping an image, there is an act of discovery of previously unseen narratives from the background performers (i.e. the importance of a single character's body language when interacting with others or a greater emphasis revealed between two or more character's personal spaces). These background characters are initiated into becoming the subject highlighted in the frame.

By cropping a single photograph into multiple instances, more performers are added to the pastiche and the primary focus becomes diminished into several narratives. This process is similar to panning and scanning an oversized image on a display screen or a camera move in motion pictures. More information is revealed to us with each additional cropped painting of the source photo.

There is a second technical reference to motion pictures with this series of paintings: this series is painted with oil on a glass surface, which is a process introduced by visual effects matte painters at the end of the 19th century.

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