Matthew Schofield
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Matthew Schofield is a Toronto based Canadian born artist who has been exhibiting his artwork in commercial galleries, museums and artist run centres nationally and internationally since 1996. He has exhibited in Paris, Brussels, Florence, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami, Provincetown and Toronto. He is represented in Toronto, Canada by Nicholas Metivier Gallery; in New York by Gitler&; in Provincetown, Massachusetts by Rice Polak Gallery; and in Winnetka, Illinois by Zia Gallery. He has exhibited with Mulherin and Pollard, Kabat-Wrobel Gallery, MEG Gallery, DU art Gallery, Zia Gallery and Projects Gallery. He has participated in group and curated exhibitions At The Red Head Gallery, Loop Gallery; Propeller Gallery and AWOL Gallery. Matthew's work has been highlighted in Canadian Art online, Toronto Life Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and NOW Magazine. He is featured in the book Carte Blanche Volume 2: Painting, which is an overview of the state of Canadian painting in 2008. Matthew is a founding member of the blunt Collective, a group of artists investigating the role of narrative painting. In 2011 he was a finalist in the BP Portrait award in London, UK and in the same year he was a finalist in the Kingston Prize for Portraiture. In 2009 he was also a finalist in the Kingston Prize for Portraiture. Matthew started his education in Architecture and ended it as an honours graduate in fine arts from both McMaster University and Ontario College of Art and Design. In 2001 Matthew was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and in 2006 his work was nominated for an Oscar for his digital matte painting work in film.

Matthew's current painting series explores snapshots painted with unsentimental observation. he is interested in observing the idiosyncratic nature of the photographer and their subjects. The overarching theme of his work has been painting snapshots and overlooked moments while attempting to order the outcome of random sequences. Matthew creates installations of small paintings by digging and sorting through boxes and piles of hundreds of inherited slides and photos. It is part of an on-going exploration of collecting and hording of the incidental random moments in photographs. The resulting paintings are usually one to one scale recreations of the original photographs installed in collage form; giving order and/or disorder to the cumulative imagery.

Solo Exhibitions

2017                         The Good Thief, Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts
2016                         Matthew Schofield, Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2014                         Adaption & Motivation, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2011                         Place holder, James Buttrum & Son Art, Supercrawl, Hamilton, Ontario
2009                         Making the Most of Snap Decisions, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Ontario                                
2006                         (almost) everything, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
2003                         Keeping a Distance, Kabat Wrobel Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2001                         Stills, PROPELLER Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Hiding Place, Hamilton and Region Arts Council, Hamilton, Ontario
                                 Physiognomy, New Space, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
1999                         Drawing a Crowd, PROPELLER, Toronto, Ontario
1998                         Inaction Figures, PROPELLER, Toronto, Ontario

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016                         About face, (curator Sarah Massie: Director), exhibition featuring works by:
                                          Shelley Adler, Stephen Appleby-Barr, Charles Bierk, Chuck Close,
                                          John Hartman, Izima Kaoru, Yousuf Karsh, Alison Lambert,
                                          Keita Morimoto, Gordon Parks and Sebastião Salgado
                                          Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2015                         Miniature: Small Contemporary Works, (curator Susan Moldenhauer: Director & Chief Curator),
                                          UW Art Museum, Wyoming, USA
                                 Adaption & Motivation, Rice Polak Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA
                                 Matthew Schofield and Anne Hughes, Zia Gallery, Winnetka, Illinois, USA
2014                         Painting Hamilton, (curator Melissa Bennett: Curator of Contemporary Art),
                                          Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2013                         Art Miami: CONTEXT, with Blunt, Miami, FL, USA
                                 Art Toronto, with Blunt, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Scope Art Fair, with Blunt, New York, NY, USA                        
2012                         Aqua Art Miami, with Blunt Collective, Miami, Florida, USA
                                 13, Mulherin + Pollard, New York, NY, USA
                                 Toronto International Art Fair, with Blunt, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Gallery Artists, Zia Gallery, Winnetka, Illinois, USA
                                 Cutlog art fair, Spree Gallery, Paris, France
                                 San Francisco Fine Art Fair, San Francisco California.
                                 AAFLA, with Blunt Collective, Los Angeles, California
2011                         Three Painters, Zia Gallery, Winnetka, Illinois, USA
                                 Aqua Art Miami, with Blunt Collective, Miami, Florida, USA
                                 Toronto International Art Fair, with Projects Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
                                 AAFNY, with Blunt Collective, New York, NY
                                 Gallery Artists, Zia Gallery, Winnetka, Illinois, USA
                                 BP Portrait Exhibition Finalist, London, UK
                                 Little Treasures - Big Rewards, Projects Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA
                                 Fresh & Salty>, Valley House Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA
2010                         Aqua Art Miami, with Blunt Collective, Miami, Florida, USA.
                                 AAFNY, with Blunt Collective, New York, NY.
                                 Artist Project, with Blunt Collective, Toronto, Ontario.
                                 Group exhibition, D U Art, Unionville, Ontario
                                 BIG/SMALL, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario
2009                         NEXT Art Fair, with Blunt Collective, Chicago, Illinois.
2007                         Squared Off, AWOL Gallery, Toronto Ontario
                                 Affordable Art Fair, New York, USA.                 
2006                         Propeller turns 10, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Square Foot 5, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
                                 AAFNY, The Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, New York
2005                         Square Foot IV, Project Spaceman, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
                                 AAFNY, AWOL Gallery, Pier 92, New York, New York
                                 Square Foot, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2002                         WhOLE, 376 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ontario
                                 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Art Strikes Back, A.W.O.L. offsite gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2001                         Standard, 376 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ontario
                                 Drawing 2001, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Killing Time, (curator Gregory Klages), PROPELLER, Toronto, Ontario
2000                         Loop + 1, Loop Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Exile on James Street, Hamilton, Ontario
                                 Alternating Currents, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario
1999                         Ritual Rhythm & Repeated Actions, (curator Virginia MacDonnell), PROPELLER, Toronto
                                 SPF 30, MEG Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (3 person exhibition)
                                 re:Production, (invitational slideshow - curator Don Simmons), The Rivoli, Toronto, Ontario
                                 McMaster Curated Show, Henderson Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario
1998                         screen 2, curator Stuart Reid (curator, Mississauga Living Arts Centre),
                                 PROPELLER Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Enter, PROPELLER, Toronto, Ontario
1997                         Vernissage, Vaughan Estate, Toronto, Ontario
                                 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario
1996                         Box, Ontario College of art and Design, Toronto, Ontario
                                 25 Over 1 Bridge 2 Sides, OCAD Studio, Florence, Italy.


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2000                         Bachelor of Arts – Honours Art, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
1997                         AOCAD(Hons.) - Painting and Drawing Program,
                                 Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario
1996                         Off Campus Program, Ontario College of Art, Florence, Italy
1991/1992                Architecture / Art History: Carleton University

2010                         Guest Artist Lecture - Toronto School of Art, Toronto, Ontario


2012 - present           Member of Toronto based Red Head Gallery
2009 - present           Member of Toronto based BLUNT Collective
1997 - 2001               Member of Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Ontario